Program Updates

Earlier Start

Learn about our Earlier Start Initiative!

A Rewarding Career Path

A scholar with a passion for photography finds a rewarding career!

College Support for Scholar Success

College visits freshmen year provide scholars essential, in-person support from their counselors.

Colleges and Universities with 2015 Rainier Scholars Graduates

Rainier Scholars is proud to celebrate the upcoming graduation of scholars from 25 colleges across the nation!

High School Scholars Tackle Tough Issues at Leadership Retreat

Rainier Scholars students analyze and present findings on obstacles to educational equity.

Colleges and universities attended by Cohorts I - VI 2014 - 2015

We currently serve 176 scholars at 73 different colleges and universities in 22 states.

Cohort VI transitioning to college

Summer retreat to prepare rising college freshmen.

High School Senior Scholars headed to college this fall

Congratulations to Cohort VI on their college decisions!

Cohort I and II scholars are college graduates and career professionals

Rainier Scholars first graduates emerged, spring of 2013.

What is Rainier Scholars like?

It is hard work. Doors swinging open. Horizons widening.
It is limits pushed. Friendships cemented. Confidence earned.

Rainier Scholars asks students to work harder than perhaps they have ever worked before. And it asks for the same commitment from each scholar's family. At the same time, scholars get assistance and encouragement that enables them to excel. Expectations are considerable. Academic and emotional support is abundant. We show scholars and their families the path, but they do all the walking.

Because Rainier Scholars is such a comprehensive, transformative experience, it is difficult to sum up in a few words.  Here's what the parents of some of our scholars have told us:

"(Rainier Scholars)... instills critical thinking, they instill a love of learning and a commitment to learn - all the key ingredients. Their commitment to me is to do that and by extension my whole family benefits."

- Rita Walters, grandmother of Viniq, Lakeside School

"Rainier Scholars unlocked Kalia's potential and has given her the confidence and strength to persevere when homework is daunting and tests are on the horizon. Rainier Scholars has given Kalia the confidence and knowledge she needs to be successful through high school and college. Thank you Rainier Scholars for all you do!"

       -Tanya Grant, parent of Kalia Hendricks, Lakeside High School

"When Syade was accepted into Rainier Scholars, MY life changed. Suddenly I was a part of a community who had my back. I was surrounded by teachers and staff who believed in my child's learning potential and supported my dream for him to attend college. Through Rainier Scholars my son has gained access to opportunities beyond my wildest dreams."

  -Nicolle Strong, parent of Syade Shields, Morehouse College

"Rainier Scholars sees potential in our son and they make sure he stays the course. If we need anything, they are always there for us."

                                         - Kimberly Cox, parent of Jayson, University Prep