Program Updates

Earlier Start

Learn about our Earlier Start Initiative!

A Rewarding Career Path

A scholar with a passion for photography finds a rewarding career!

College Support for Scholar Success

College visits freshmen year provide scholars essential, in-person support from their counselors.

Colleges and Universities with 2015 Rainier Scholars Graduates

Rainier Scholars is proud to celebrate the upcoming graduation of scholars from 25 colleges across the nation!

High School Scholars Tackle Tough Issues at Leadership Retreat

Rainier Scholars students analyze and present findings on obstacles to educational equity.

Colleges and universities attended by Cohorts I - VI 2014 - 2015

We currently serve 176 scholars at 73 different colleges and universities in 22 states.

Cohort VI transitioning to college

Summer retreat to prepare rising college freshmen.

High School Senior Scholars headed to college this fall

Congratulations to Cohort VI on their college decisions!

Cohort I and II scholars are college graduates and career professionals

Rainier Scholars first graduates emerged, spring of 2013.

Program Updates

College Support for Scholar Success

CACollege Visit 2014

One of the unique components of the Rainier Scholars 12-year program is the College Support phase. Whether it's a College 101 Retreat preparing students for their first year on campus, regular contact with their Academic Counselor or an annual care package sent by a caring volunteer, the message is clear - we believe in you and we've got your back.

The transition from high school senior to college freshman is a critical time for support that will help lead to student success and college graduation. "First year college students face a wide range of normal developmental challenges, from being away from home for the first time, to adjusting to new environments and learning to become independent decision makers," reflects Fred Capestany, Director of College Support. The vast majority of Rainier Scholars are first generation college students who often have to balance family commitments, financial stressors and the experience of being different from their peers in class, race, culture or religion. All of these life-changing factors make the ongoing mentorship of RS counselors and freshmen year campus visits essential in creating a safety net of support.

College visits provide time for students to open up and speak candidly about their first year ups and downs. College Support Counselors don't aim to solve all the problems scholars encounter at school but rather to walk them through the decision making process, help them build their own problem solving skills and provide resources to be independently successful.

Fred believes "Real support means not only helping scholars prepare for college, but being there with them in the moment - good or bad." As the educational journey of our students continues on campuses around the country, Rainier Scholars will carefully guide them through the exciting, yet challenging landscape of college life so they emerge as graduates confident in their abilities and ready to make their mark on the world.