Nicole Frederick: Engineering a Better World

NicoleIn all facets of life, Nicole Frederick is a burgeoning force for good.

“Every morning, if I wake up and I don’t feel like I’m contributing to the world, or doing something good for people, I feel frustrated. Renewable energy is that good fusion between my interest in technology, engineering, and that social component because I’ve always been interested in doing good for my community. It gives me a sense of purpose and a sense of value.”

Her specific focus on renewable energy as an effort to leave a meaningful impact on the world stems from her early awareness of nature and her love of outdoor activities. However, she has always understood that nature is in jeopardy as a result of the non-ecofriendly industries that fuel the machine of modern society. Her belief that “…we can generate the same amount, if not more, energy long-term by using sources that don’t deplete our natural resources or cause damage…” drives her work as an engineer who strives for a healthier earth. “You see fracking and people lighting their tap water on fire and that’s not good….all of the impact that oil drilling has on first and third world nations that we don’t hear about has an incredible health impact as well… Renewable energy research has an incredible potential to help a lot of people in a lot of ways beyond just clean energy production.” Nicole SNW 2

Prior to graduating from Stanford with a B.S. in Management Science and Engineering, Nicole interned with Seattle Northwest Securities and Skanska, one of Rainier Scholars long-term partners, where she developed her technical skills in business, engineering and project management. “Engineering was something I always wanted to do, but I didn’t have the skillset. The project engineering role at Skanska was a great transition because project engineers need business skills. I was bidding on projects and talking to clients and talking to subcontractors, but I was also learning blueprint reading. The business skills that I gained have proven to be invaluable to my career.”

During her academic career, Nicole found a powerful support network in the Rainier Scholars community that guided her transition between industries and majors in college. When she faced challenges in life or in school, she knew she could rely on her college academic counselor to provide a reassuring and objective perspective on any situation while keeping her motivated. “One thing I like about Rainier Scholars is that I know I’m not doing it alone. I’m in a cohort of a lot of people who are my age and going through the same struggles. Every time I come back to Seattle, I get to catch up with people and see what they’re doing, which does two things: it provides a support network and it keeps me from getting complacent.”

A passion for renewable energy. A strong sense of social responsibility. A deep understanding of community. A perfect mix that makes Nicole Frederick a force, moving us toward a more hopeful and sustainable future.









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